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039: Deciding Enough is Enough, And Taking Action: Gerod Farmer

Gerod Farmer
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Having a side hustle has never been so important as it was for Gerod Farmer. When he had an issue with one of his supervisors Gerod decided he was not going to put up with being disrespected like that. So, he quit his job as a police officer and moved on to turn his side hustle into a full time income.
Following school Gerod joined the military during the Iraq war. It was there that he learned other valuable lessons that apply equally to business as to combat: integrity, self discipline and positive “can do” attitude. Following my military service Gerod joined his father’s auto sales business and acquired further skills in leading and managing others, which led to further profitability.
Connected CustomersBy April 2, 2013 Geord put all of his acquired skills and knowledge into a new business venture, a moving and transportation company that started up debt free and continues to operate totally debt free to this day. While he had no specific experience or connections within this industry he was able to achieve profitability through application of superior customer experience and satisfaction. From one small truck, no employees and 500 new Vistaprint business cards Gerod has grown the company to several employees and 3 trucks that are constantly busy, even though 95% of his business comes from word of mouth! That’s the power of continuously putting customer service at the front of your business!

Now Gerod is providing training, mentoring and support for a variety of businesses in these same principles, policies and activities. Each customer interaction is a point of inflection that can either increase your top line sales or decrease them. Dissatisfied customers become strong advertisers for your competition, while satisfied customers convert into either more incremental sales, more return sales or both!

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Gerod’s Attitude of Gratitude [4:31]

Let’s get Personal [5:09]

Those with many experiences don’t complain much? [10:58]

What was Gerod’s Biggest Kick in the Gut moment? [12:40]

Herod’s Enough is Enough Pivot Point [15:20]

What exactly does Gerod do now? [20:53]

Who is your avatar (Perfect Client)? [22:58]

Gerod is looking for a coach / mentor [25:16]

Paying it Forward

Action Steps [32:23]

Recommended books [33:29]

What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Gerod Farmer? [35:17]

Parting piece of guidance [35:44]

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