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054: Healing Broken Trust Is Not Easy, But It Is Possible: Brad and Morgan Robinson

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Healing Broken Trust Is Not Easy, But It Is Possible

Being Abundant in your life includes being abundant in your relationships. If you’re married that starts with providing for your spouse and family in more than just putting bread on the table. Just as with any other skill, we have to learn from others and it takes time to master. Relationships and marriage are no different. We need to seek guidance and mentorship from others. That’s where couples like Brad and Morgan Robinson can help.

healing-broken-trustBrad and Morgan Robinson help couples from around the world heal their relationships. Brad has worked with couples from as far away as South Korea and London, England. Brad is a licensed marriage & family therapist. He helps couples in many different situations save their relationship but is very well known for helping couples after infidelity. Together, Brad and Morgan have a podcast called Healing Broken Trust.

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[9:50] Brad and Morgan’s Attitude of Gratitude

  • Morgan – I have a wonderful husband and son. I got to work with my husband today.
  • Brad – My wife and my son. He’s such a cutie pie.
[12:35] Let’s get Personal – Morgan

[16:50] Let’s get Personal – Brad

[24:50] What was Brad and Morgan’s Biggest Kick in the Gut moment?

[26:30] What is Healing Broken Trust?

[40:08] Good News Story about Brad and Morgan’s Work

[44:50] Paying it Forward 

[45:00] Action Steps

  • Giving without expectations
  • Follow your truth own and relax in that
[49:30] Recommended books

  • If you’re in your 20’s – The Defining Decade
  • When the Church Was Young

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Recommended books:

  • The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson
  • The One Thing – Jay Papasan and Gary Keller
  • Abundance – Peter Diamandas
[53:28] What daily habits make the biggest impact in your life?

  • Continuing to learn
  • Daily life of Prayer
[54:07] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Brad and Morgan Robinson?

  • Taking care of other people and having the opportunity to give back.
  • Leaving the world a better place than you left it.

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Abundant Leaders – I Thank You so much for your time.

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