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067: Traveling the World as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is Abundant Living with Kimanzi Constable

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For many, including myself, the ultimate vocation is one that allows us to get paid to travel to breath taking places around the world and meet amazing people. Our feature guest today has created that lifestyle for himself. Kimanzi Constable did not wait for the amazing reality he has created for himself. Today, he's going to share with you what you can do to be a lifestyle entrepreneur.

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Kimanzi used to deliver bread for a living, now he writes. You can see his amazing words in cool places such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mind Body Green, the Good Men Project, Fox News, and much more. Kimanzi's books have sold over 100,000 copies and he has spoken at conferences and companies in 36 countries. His goal is to help you build a profitable lifestyle business without breaking your budget. Join Kimanzi at

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[4:33] So, where are you at in the World?

[6:02] Kimanzi's Attitude of Gratitude

  • I'm alive
  • My three children are health
  • I have the opportunity to live this kind of life, as a lifestyle entrepreneur
  • Being able to help others

[6:07] Let's get Personal

[20:30] What specifically did you get from Pat Flynn and his Podcasts?

  • Pat Flynn opened my eyes to whats posible
  • Pat always puts out quality products
  • Pat Flynn showed me how to start and publish my first eBook

Paying it Forward 

[27:52] Action Steps you can take today.

  • Identify your dream and what you want to do in life
  • Work on your physical fitness and nutrition
  • Have support because you can't do this alone
  • Start mapping out the dream

[31:02] What would you say to those that have not found what they love?

  • Read the book - 48 Days to the Work You Love
  • Talk to some people that know you - Ask them what they see in you
  • Ask yourself, what are things I'm good at and enjoy doing

[32:44] What daily habits make the biggest impact in your life?

  • Start with prayer
  • Reading every day
  • Writing every day
  • Mastermind with other great men
  • Have a plan for each day

[34:00] What book would you recommend to our Abundant Leaders and why?

  • 48 Days to the Work You Love
  • The Way of the Superior Man

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[36:16] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Kimanzi Constable?

  • It means freedom in your life
  • Control over your time
  • A life where you're not stressed out
  • Creating a life for yourself that's free of financial stress, and helping another man

[37:35] Parting piece of guidance

  • At the end of your life, you are not going to remember all the things you bought. You're going to remember the experiences.

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