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121: Is Fear Real or is it False Evidence Appearing Real? Pay it Forward Aloha Friday

Is Fear Real or is it False Evidence Appearing Real
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Is Fear Real or is it False Evidence Appearing Real?

I heard many years ago about this acronym for FEAR. It stood for False Evidence Appearing Real. And I bought into that. I even repeated several times, I’m sure. That’s until just a few days ago.

A few days ago I had three back-to-back conversations with three very different people for this Men of Abundance Podcast. They will all be feature guests in the very near future. One was a woman and two were men. They were all from very different parts of the world and they all have amazing things going on in their life. They are all Paying it Forward as Abundant Leaders.

As you know, I ask every single first time guest the question

“What do you feel holds most people back from living a life of true abundance”

Every single one of them answered with that one four letter word… FEAR.

They all explained what they meant and why fear is holding so many people back from their dreams and doing what they really wanted to do in life.

I took the rest of the day thinking about my own life and when fear was holding me back from doing something new. I thought about when I started asking people to be a guest on a podcast that did not even exist yet.

I starting thing about the real fear of sharing with my wife about my plans of starting something new, after so many prior failures.

I thought back to my very first interview and then launching the show.

As I was thinking of these fears, I notice my heart rate was going up. I started sweating and I could feel the anxiety. Oh the fear was real alright.

What about the Evidence?

Was the evidence really false like the acronym suggested? I don’t think so. People really could say no to being a guest on the Men of Abundance Podcast. And you know what? Some did say no. But many said yes.

My wife could have completely disagreed with me taking on another new venture. That was a real possibility.

I could have really screwed my first, fifth or even the fiftieth interview. And you know what? I did screw a few of them up. But I also had many amazing conversations.

So, the Evidence is real too.

Take Action to Cure the Fear.

Action is the cure for fear. The more I asked people to be feature guests not the Men of Abundance Podcast, the easier it got. In fact, guests started referring other people to be posible guests.

The more interviews I do, the better I get.

Each and every time I take action in spite of fear, I realize the evidence was real and posible. But the outcome was so much better than I imagined. And each time I take action, I get more bold to take the next logical step.

Take action right now…

Request to be a member of our Men of Abundance Community of Facebook. Take action now.

Go Live Your Life of Abundance. And Make sure to Pay it Forward.

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