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122: BONUS – How to Finally Win and Live a Life of Abundance with John Lee Dumas

122- BONUS - How to Finally Win and Live a Life of Abundance with John Lee Dumas
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How to Finally Win and Live a Life of Abundance

Just because no one else has done it, does not mean it can't be done. John Lee Dumas was told time and time again he could not create and maintain a 7 day a week podcast. He was told there was not enough people to interview, he would not have time, it's too much content for listeners to consume and so on. JLD was determined to make it happen. It was not easy, but he has done it and he is now known as a Pioneer in the Podcasting World. Yet many others came before him. Today, JLD and I are talking about how You To can Finally Win.

Meet our Feature Guest

John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On FIRE, an award winning Podcast (Best of iTunes) where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week!

JLD started out as a commissioned Officers in the US Army where he served for 8 years. Once he separated he went to law school. I quickly realized that was not his thing. So he moved on to build a real estate career and got tired of the daily grind very quickly. He felt trapped in the so called rat race.

Once he discovered podcasts he was able to get through the day much easier by listening to hours of podcasts while he was driving. Then the shows dried up. There were on 7 day a week shows for John Lee Dumas to listen to. As he wondered why that was, he decided he would create a 7 day a week show.

After much discouragement from others, JLD decided to launch a 7 day a week podcast called Entrepreneurs On Fire. That was over 4 years ago.

Time Stamped Show Notes

(click a time stamp below to time travel directly to that point in the conversation.)

[7:41] So, where are you at in the World?

[8:20] Attitude of Gratitude

[9:30] Kick in the Gut Moment

[12:00] Enough is Enough Moment

[15:20] Good News Story

Paying it Forward [21:00]

[23:52] Action Steps you can take today.

[25:40] What daily habits make the biggest impact in your life?

[26:50] What are you reading or listening to right now and why?

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[28:10] What do you feel holds most people back from live a life of True Abundance?

[28:51] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to you?

[29:45] Parting piece of guidance

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Wally's Take Away:

Neve let others tell you what you can or can not do. John could have taken the advice of some very well known podcasters and never started his 7 day a week podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. He could have done as everyone else was doing and have a 2-3 day a week show. But that would have suited JLD.

Had JLD not started EO Fire, he would have certainly not built the Free Podcast Course and certainly not Podcasters Paradise let alone al the other amazing courses and books he's launched in the last four years. Had none of that happened, you and I would not be here talking right now. Well, you would not be reading this and Men of Abundance would have never been born.

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  1. John Lee Dumas on October 16, 2017 at 11:09

    Really honored to be a guest on your show Wally! What a blast!

    • Wally Carmichael on October 16, 2017 at 22:19

      The honor is mutual JLD. It was about time I properly introduce you to Men of Abundance.

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