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131: Living an Amazing Life, A Life of Abundance, Starts with an Abundant Mindset!

Living an Amazing Life A Life of Abundance Starts with an Abundant Mindset
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Living an Amazing Life, A Life of Abundance, Starts with an Abundant Mindset!

Living an Amazing Life, A Life of Abundance, Starts with an Abundant Mindset! Yes, action is important. Scratch that. Action is critical to living an amazing life. You can not sit idle and expect to live a life of abundance.

True Story: Years ago, I went fishing with a couple of Bass Pros. These men had won countless tournaments and bass boats that would make Tim Allen envious. I’ve always been an ok angler, but I’ve never really been able to pull in the big ones. I would snag a few but never get them on the boat.

So, I thought “I’m certainly going to have a great day out here with these guys.” I just have to do exactly what they do, cast the same lure they use in the same spot they do and reel in just like they do. Easy right?

Well, not so much. These guys were pulling in catch after catch to my little hits and occasional tiny small mouth bass.

What the hell was going on? How are they all pulling in all of these fish while I’m just frustrated and backing in the Texas sun?

The difference between those Pro Anglers and amateur, at best, me.

A few years of skill and an abundant mindset. I’m not even sure they knew about the mindset part at the time. But I certainly didn’t.

The fact of the matter is, I had all the same tools, I was in the same spot and I had the right people to follow. But I did not have the confidence they had. I did not have the skills they had and therefore, I did not have the mindset they had. I still believed I was just an OK angler. Therefore, my results were just OK.

Mindset, like Skills, can not be acquired in a day.

Minset and skills take months to years to master. And both take consistent daily practice. Your mind is a muscle. It’s been fed some garbage over the years. It will take time to clear the mind of the garbage and replace it with the right nutrition.

You’ve been told…

  • You can’t be a nurse because that takes years of education and a lot of money, which you don’t have.
  • What makes you think you’re going to make a difference in other people’s life? You can’t even get good grades in school.
  • You’re never going get ahead as long as that person is President.
  • You will never travel the world, you’re afraid to fly.
  • Add your limiting belief here (That’s what we have to work on by enhancing your mindset)

The truly sad part is you’ve heard these limiting beliefs for so long, you now tell yourself these same lies every time you think of taking action toward your goals.

Men of Abundance is here to help you change your self talk from a message of scarcity to abundance self talk.

Which comes first, Action or Mindset?

Based on multiple stories, like my fishing story, I can easily say, Mindset must come first. You must first know you can achieve in your mind while you’re taking action.

Taking action with a scarcity mindset is a complete waist of time, energy and resources. Once you Enhance your Mindset and improve your self talk, the action you take will be much more fruitful. That in turn will build confidence and skills.

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