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133: Understanding Woman Talk to be a Man of Abundance with Heather Havenwood

Understanding Woman Talk to be a Man of Abundance with Heather Havenwood
Let's get to the show...

Understanding Woman Talk to be a Man of Abundance

Men, have you ever wanted to learn Woman Talk? What I mean is, do you want to start to understand what the ladies are really saying, rather than just guess and get it all wrong? Well, this is about as close as I can get you to figuring out what your current or possibly future wife/girlfriend is talking about. Let me introduce you to Heather Havenwood. If anything, this is a really fun conversation.

Meet our Feature Guest

Heather Ann currently is the Author of many books including Sexy Boss™ How the Empowerment of Women are changing the Rulebook for Money, Success and Sex and The Game of Dating and How to Play it: A rule book for divorced men stepping back into the game. (Found on Amazon)

Heather Ann is now a nationally syndicated radio show host of ‘The Win’ where she shares her incredible story of success and loss on the entrepreneur journey, and her true happiness in a completely compelling and vulnerable way that audiences relate to and always learn from. She talks about achieving ‘The Winners Edge’, from “losing it all’ and discovering her true passion in owning her own businesses and serving her clients by helping them achieve their goals.

Heather Ann Havenwood is a smart and savvy business woman who is now stepping out from behind the curtain to educate, enlighten and empower ALL entrepreneurs to grow or start an online business and live a fearless and fulfilled life.

Time Stamped Show Notes

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[7:00] So, where are you at in the World?

[8:25] Attitude of Gratitude

[9:20] Let's get Personal

[18:20] Kick in the Gut Moment

[22:20] Enough is Enough Moment

[26:00] Good News Story

Paying it Forward [36:55]

[39:07] Action Steps you can take today.

[41:10] What daily habits make the biggest impact in your life?

[43:55] What are you reading or listening to right now and why?

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[36:16] What do you feel holds most people back from live a life of True Abundance?

[36:16] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to you?

[37:35] Parting piece of guidance

Connect with our Feature Guest

  • == > Marketing and Business Coaching and Consulting
  • === > Site of the 2013 Las Vegas Copywriting Seminar with Joe Sugarman, Joe Polish, John Carlton, Jon Benson and Heather Havenwood
  • == > site for book, audio book SEXY BOSS™ book


  • The Law of Divine Compensation - Marianne Williamson
  • Illuminata - Marianne Williamson

Wally's Take Away:

So what do you thing men? Are women Crazy? Well, when you put in the perspective that Heather does, I would have to say yes. But I have to tell you, I love my crazy girl.

Resources Mentioned:


  • The Law of Divine Compensation - Marianne Williamson
  • Illuminata - Marianne Williamson

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