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MOA 154: PIFAF – It’s Not the Sport that Develops Young Men

It's Not the Sport that Develops Young Men
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It's Not the Sport that Develops Young Men

I've always heard this thing about team sports are good for kids. Team Sports develop young men and women. It's a bunch of crap.

I do believe team sports can be a productive activity for kids to do. And yes, sports can play a part in some development for some kids. But not for all. In fact, sports can screw some kids up. At least initially.


My experience shows me that it's a great coach that develops young boys and girls and into strong, compassionate, hard working and trustworthy men and women.

My high school football coach was one of the first great examples of man in my life. My sixth grade teacher was the first real man in my life.

Don't get me wrong. My dad was a very kind hearted man. He meant well. But he wanted to be friend. He wanted to hang out with us. He drank beer with us at a very early age and talked about fucking other women around my brother and I, and our friends.

Yes, my buddies thought my dad was the coolest dad ever. And so did I, at the time. But now that I'm raising my own boys, I can see the major flaws in his fathering. And I can't blame him for his actions. I don't really know what his childhood examples were.

My point is, my 6th grade teacher and my high school football coach were the two men who showed me a real man respects himself, his spouse and his children. They showed me the value of learning new skills. Those two men were examples of who I strive to be as a husband and a father.

I happen to know, those two men have had the same effect on other classmates of mine.

Team sports can be great for the growth of our youth. But only if a great coach is leading the team.

And check this out, we are never too old to get great coaches in our life.

Get yourself a coach.

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