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MOA 166: PIFAF – Gaining Wisdom and Abundance Through Experiences not Books and Videos

MOA 166- PIFAF - Gaining Wisdom and Abundance Through Experiences not Books and Videos
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Gaining Wisdom and Abundance Through Experience not Books and Videos!

Wisdom is not gained through time. It may take time to gain wisdom, but time alone is not the factor. You can read every book on the subject of Wisdom, or any other subject for that matter, and you will gain little to no wisdom. Sure, you can read the Bible to seek the understanding of Wisdom. And while you may understand what wisdom is, you will gain none.

In fact, the Bible tells you where and how Wisdom is gained. Matthew 13:10; Luke 20:4; John 16:29.

Wisdom can only be gained through experience and then reflecting on that experience, regardless of the outcome.

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