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Abundance Coaching Will Greatly Enhance Your Life!

After traveling the world and talking with hundreds of men, of all walks of life and various levels of success, significance and greatness, I've realized many men are not living the life of abundance they truly desire. Many men may appear to "have it all". However, most are not fully fulfilled in all aspects of their family, faith, fitness and finances.

Now that I have been hosting my Men of Abundance Podcast, sharing my lifestyle on my vlog (Video Blog), appearing on other podcasts and connecting on social media, a few men and women have asked me to coach them or their husbands to develop an abundance mindset and live a life of abundance.

Actually, most want to know how to live a more fulfilled life. Some of these men have much more money and stuff than most men. Which to some would be an abundant life. But having an abundance of stuff does not mean you have a fulfilled life.

This is why I decided to start Paying it Forward to a few men who are finally ready breakthrough and live an amazing life of Abundance.

I look forward to getting to know you. You will get to know more about me through my podcast and Vlog because I share much of my life through both venues.

The best way for me to get to know you, for now, is for you to fill out the short form below. That is if you're interested in working with me.

I'm looking forward to playing a role in the process of getting you there. It will be a small role on my part because you're going to be the one putting in the time and doing all the work.

As you may have already realized, I'm certainly living my life of abundance. I want that for you and your family as well. I will develop a plan to meet your specific wants, needs and desires.

Before we get started, you and I will get on a Skype call to consider your specific situation. I take pride in only working with men I feel will benefit most from working with me. Our time is limited so we will maximize our time together, should we work one-on-one or in a small private group.

Take a few minutes to fill out this short form. I want to get to know you a bit more before we talk.

Here's what others are saying about working with Wally

Mat Norman Says... The small group was an amazing experience. This is not something I had to prep for, or spend countless hours reading, reflecting, and responding to. It was intimate, free flowing communication between the men of the group. Although I understood some of the basic principles of resiliency before participating, I walked away from the small group with a broadened knowledge and a renewed commitment to maintaining myself, and growing my community. Wally facilitated the conversation along the way. He posed differing opinions, and provided insights to different ways to think or act. Overall this was a great experience, I was honored to be apart of it and know I grew from the experience.

Andy Nielsen Says... Before joining Wally's "Live your Life of Abundance" project/program I felt like I was getting really caught up in myself. At times, life can make it easy for you to focus too much on yourself. As a result of this imbalance in focus and mindset, I would often feel a sense of frustration in my day-to-day life. After working with Wally, I had several strategies for effectively harnessing the power of my mind and attitude for the better. Where I was inarticulate with my core purpose before joining Wally, I gained great strides in achieving clarity in terms of what I really want to seek after in life. Due to some of the things I learned and was coached on, I am now in a state of more confidence, empowerment, and peace. Learning to experience a more abundant existence in action and thought is truly a gift. Thanks Wally!


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