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026: Serbian Immigrant and FRENDS Changing the Face of the Housing Landscape And Rapid Deployable Shelters with Deuce Pesic

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This is the classic immigrant story with multiple struggles and triumph. Dusan “Deuce” Pesic is a Serbian Immigrant who first arrived at JFK, New York with his parents and $13 to their name. What Deuce is building with his time, talents and connections is going to change the housing landscape for ever. I’m excited to be a part of his journey.
Dusan “Deuce” Pesic BDeuce and sonorn and raised in Serbia, Yugoslavia in 1968
Lived in New York City from 1975 (second time) to 1982.
Moved to Hollywood Fl from 1982 to 1995
Been living in Tallahassee florida to co-parent our son who is 15 years old now (18 years, from 1994 to 2012, is an interesting portion in his life as it defines the struggles that he endured before realizing the person he was destined to become)
Worked in restaurant industry for 26 years, retail management for front store pharmacy chain for 8 years….
Started his own business (side hustle) in 2006 after teaching himself to work with concrete and polymer resins manufacturing concrete countertops, vessel sinks and backsplashes in the Home Improvement market which then created opportunities in the Home Accessories market.
As of today, Deuce has a total of 9 various product lines affecting 7 different markets that are on hold because the FRENDS project is mandatory to be the foundation of NDPesic Group for moral obligations (chase pupose, my why, and the money will follow)

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What is Deuce Pesic Grateful for? [4:28]
  • Claudio Escalera, owner/Subcontractor of Nail It Carpentry
  • Meridee Escalera, owner and Broker of Destination Real Estate
  • Shannon Shelton, owner of Sheltons Motor Sports
  • James Starr, partner/co-founder Cup-A-Heat Dog Harnesses
  • Ėgzeus Belial – Luxury Lifestyle Coach and author of We Are The Creators
  • Peter Madson, Vice President of Sales NDPesic Group
  • Stephanie Davis, Executive Assistant to Mr. Pesic and Mr. Madson
  • Jessica and Tim Glover [14:33]

You’re the Average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. [17:37]

Let’s get Personal [21:10]
  • Classic Serbia Immigrant
  • Why Deuce… Where did that name come from?
  • Our country was not giving out visas so… [22:56]
  • We landed at JFK, New York with one suite case and $13 in the pocket. [23:30]
  • 1994 was the worst year of my life… And I questioned God’s existence. [31:45]
  • The night his son was conceived was their last night together [36:08]

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