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036: Sharing A Wealth of Knowledge With Revenue Chat: Tony DUrso

Tony Durso
Let's get to the show...

The corporate world is a great place for many people. If you can put up with the constant policy changes, cut throat politics and unfair treatment, it may be for you as well. Tony just could not put up with it any longer. So he took his wealth of knowledge and followed his calling. That’s when Tony DUrso started his Revenue Chat Radio.

Tony RevenuIn his career, Tony made impressive, record-breaking sales forays into real estate, collectibles, insurance technology, and other varied industries. His accomplishments include raising $3.25 million in a six-month period for a start-up business, among many others.

Currently, Tony is the radio show host of Revenue Chat Radio which airs twice weekly and is syndicated on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, YouTube and others. The show is a popular attraction and booked 6 months in advance. Downloads and Listens number in the 100s of 1000s.

Get in on the conversation

You can Time Travel… well kinda. Click on the timestamps below to travel directly to the part of the show you want to enjoy.

Tony’s Attitude of Gratitude [3:55]

Let’s get Personal [7:40]

What was Tony’s Biggest Kick in the Gut moment? [14:06]

Tony’s Pivot Point [27:57]

Good News Stories [32:31]

Paying it Forward

Action Steps [36:51]

Recommended books [37:48]

What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Tony DUrso? [39:26]

Parting piece of guidance [42:12]

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