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MOA 138: PIFAF – Educating Your Children for Their Future?

PIFAF - Educating Your Children for Their Future
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Educating Your Children for Their Future?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with an amazing and Abundant woman, Mary Hyatt, who just happens to be the daughter of Michael Hyatt. We had a conversation about, amongst other topics, how she and her two sisters were raised. Mary shared with me what it was like living with a struggling entrepreneur who finally found his niche.

One specific thing Mary mentioned caught my attention. None of the three Hyatt ladies went to college. Yet they are all successful entrepreneurs. All three girls were brought up to get jobs as early as the 10th grade. They all also read books about entrepreneur children and started their own child business.

This interests me because my wife and I often have this conversation. Our boys are not great in school. They are like me. Trayce, my amazing wife, was excellent is school. She was top of the class. Which is great for her and others like her. But she’s always frustrated with my boys. And my for the matter.

My boys and I like to learn, just not in the classroom. And we have little to no interest in learning what the average school deems as important to future success. We feel schools are not teaching much of anything for future success.

What about you?

How are you educating your children?

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