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MOA 140: Money Talks Negativity Walks with Evan Money

Money Talks Negativity Walks with Evan Money
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Money Talks Negativity Walks

In this energy packed episode Even Money and I are talking about everything from having an amazing relationship and sex with with your wife. And even gets bone marrow deep with his Kick in the Gut story. Evan knows the path to greatness and he’s going to show you why Money Talks and Negativity Walks.

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Evan Money is a Bestselling Author, Speaker, Global Entrepreneur and Executive Producer of the ground breaking film Words of Art starring Joel Osteen, Darren Hardy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and more. Evan has been featured in and interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Magazine, Success Magazine, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and others.

He just released his new book “Money Talks Negativity Walks” and it immediately shot up to #1 Best Seller for the whole month of July. In his book, he shares inspiring messages to encourage entrepreneurs and success seekers to take action on their dreams.

Evan is the co-founder of the Personal Growth Hall of Fame, where inductees include Les Brown, Susan Lechter, Denis Waitley, and Bob Proctor. He is also head over heels in love with his bride of over 20 years and they remarry in a different state or country every year. He believes the 3 pillars of true success are Health, Relationships, and Finances.

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Wally’s Take Away:

Men, right after this conversation with Evan Money, I did two things. I watched Words of Art on Amazon Prime. And I downloaded the audio version of The Five Love Languages. After listening, I purchased a copy of the book for my wife. I’ve listened to the book twice already and I’ve applied what the Gary Chapman said. Amazing book. If you’re serious about your relationship with your wife and kids, get that book.

Order from my amazon affiliate link below. Yes, I get a commission on that. A brother has to keep the mic on some how.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Money Talks, Negativity Walks – Evan Money
  • The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
  • Path to Greatness – Keith Hoang

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