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MOA 141: Standing Out, Being You and Selling Yourself to Live Your Life of Abundance with Simone Vincenzi

MOA 141 Standing Out Being You and Selling Yourself to Live Your Life of Abundance with Simone Vincenzi
Let's get to the show...

Standing Out, Being You and Selling Yourself to Live Your Life of Abundance

You've heard many of our guests mention how important it is to sell yourself. Our feature guest today, Simone Vincenzi, takes a much different twist on that idea. He certainly stood out enough to catch my attention in a very crowded space. He has a very compelling messaging. And his delivery is very unique to say the least.

Meet our Feature Guest

Simone is the host of EXPLODE YOUR COACHING BIZ SHOW and, by the age of 28 he has been featured in more than 100 podcasts, Sky, The Huffington Post and shared the stage with Les Brown, Gary Vee, Dr. John Demartini and many more...

Simone was recently awarded as the best speaker in UK 2016, nominated in the house of parliament as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the UK and often acknowledged as one of the best guests every tv and radio can have.

Connect with our Feature Guest

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