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MOA 160: Being Creative and Creating Content for Future Generations with Chris Marr

MOA 160- Being Creative and Creating Content for Future Generations with Chris Marr
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Being Creative and Creating Content for Future Generations!

What does being creative and creating content have to do with living a life of abundance? More than even I considered to be honest. But Chris Marr brings up some great points and shares a few powerful ideas with you in this conversation.

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Chris Marr – Founder & Director, Content Marketing Academy Ltd

Chris Marr is a teacher and student of content marketing. He’s the founder and driving force behind the Content Marketing Academy. Dad to Spencer.

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Wally’s Take Away:

Creating content and being creative is not just for marketers. By creating some sort of content, you’re leaving a part of you behind for future generations to learn from. Create a journal, blog, music or what ever your creative mind can conjure up. Your great grandkids will share it some day at show and tell. How amazing would that be?

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