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MOA 168: Have a Clear Vision For What You Want In Life to Live You’re Life of Abundance with Michael McGreevy

MOA 168- Have a Clear Vision For What You Want In Life to Live You're Life of Abundance with Michael McGreevy
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Have a Clear Vision For What You Want In Life to Live You’re Life of Abundance!

Just when you start feeling sorry for yourself, someone else comes along who has it so much worse than you do. And then you start to realize just how good you have it. Micheal McGreevy’s story will certainly make you cringe, at least twice. But it’s a kick in the gut and pivot point that you have to hear.

Meet our Feature Guest

Beginning in high school, Michael spent over a decade shackled by fear and insecurity. His grades, musical potential, athletic ability, relationships and future plans all suffered greatly. His anxiety was so debilitating that he didn’t want to live anymore.

Michael’s rescue came in the form of… tragedy. He watched a friend fall two stories to his death on a construction site. The memory of seeing his friends parents pain will never leave his mind. It’s the same memory that gave him the strength to save two family friends from drowning.

For the first time his my life, Michael believed he had something significant to offer the world. He’s devoted his life to helping men discover who they were truly made to be.

Michael works with leaders all over the country through one on one coaching and mastermind groups. He lives in Buffalo, New York with his wife Lydia, his son Gunnar and his daughter Skylar.

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Wally’s Take Away

You must have a clear vision, written down. And find a coach who is willing to work with you until you break through to the level of success and achievement you desire.

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