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MOA 169: Sharing a Message of Life with Katie Cline and Charis Boone

Sharing a Message of Life with Katie Cline and Charis Boone
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Sharing a Message of Life!

The gift of life is an amazing gift from God. It’s a gift so many take for granted. The pleasure of bringing a new life into the world is one not everyone has been blessed with. Our feature guest, Katie Cline and Charis Boone has made that just a bit easier for those who have had no hope in the past. By the grace of God, Devine Intervention brought Katie and Charis together. And perhaps, Devine Intervention has brought you to Men of Abundance to hear this message of life.

Meet our Feature Guest

Fate brought Katie Cline and Charis (CARE-iss) Boone together. Charis, an embryo adopter, met Katie, an embryo donor, sparking a relationship that brought two families together. Since that time, the two have become friends and co-founders of the National Registry for Adoption – helping more families grow through embryo adoption.

These visionary women created NRFA to help babies have a chance at life, and help families grow. They are unique in that they have lived the process — successfully.
NRFA is an online destination that connects families waiting to adopt with embryo donors, and connects birth parents with hopeful adoptive families.

The Dallas, Texas company was founded in 2012 and is comprised of people with frst-hand experience in child and embryo adoption or donation. Katie and Charis created this service specifically to ease the challenges of donating embryos or finding a match in an adoption registry. They know how long and frustrating the adoption process can be, so they do their best to make adopting or matching easy and fast.

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Wally’s Take Away

Be abundant in your life today. Pay it forward by sharing this message of life.

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