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I have grown from the trailer park life to living a Resort Lifestyle in Hawaii.

I've traveled the world, started many business ventures and have mastered various skills in leadership for both military and civilian situations.  

I have also failed often. I was in a homeless situation for 43 days and have destroyed personal relationships.

Along the way, I figured some things out about living my best life of Abundance. And I still have much to experience and learn. 

Here's a few of my credentials for those who get off on titles, traditional education and certifications. 

  • 20+ Years in Business & Marketing Strategy
    • Thousands of hours and dollars invested in Coaches, Mentors, Courses, Books, Videos, Audios and School of Hard Knocks.
  • Retired Master Sergeant (Airborne Medic) - US Army
  • Region Equal Opportunity Advisor - Pacific Regional Medical Command 
  • Equal Employment Officer - US Navy (Civilian)
  • Arbinger Institute - Lead the Leader Facilitator (Cert)
  • Arbitrator (Cert)
  • Bachelors Degree - Upper Level Business Management
  • Master Resiliency Trainer (Cert)
  • Group Fitness Coach (Cert)
  • I will add more as I remember


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