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014: When Dropping Out of College Seems Like the Right Thing To Do with John Cornelius McCaskill

You know what? You think you had it tough, until you meet a man like today’s guest. John Cornelius McCaskill has gone through life experiences that would break many men. And he has never once felt sorry for himself. You would think reaching the level of Logistics Executive for Target would be enough. And it would be for many men. But not for a man like John McCaskill. Oh no, John is taking it to even higher levels.

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Paying it Forward [spp-timestamp time=”25:30″]

Action Steps [spp-timestamp time=”28:00″]

  • Isolate yourself to find yourself
  • Write down 4-5 most important things in your life

Daily Habits [spp-timestamp time=”29:37″]

  • Mitigate Television
  • Protect your time
  • Feed yourself with knowledge (podcast, books etc.)

Recommended books [spp-timestamp time=”30:57″]

Charities [spp-timestamp time=”33:14″]

What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to John Cornelius McCaskill? [spp-timestamp time=”34:38″]

  • Everlasting Joy and unconditional happiness

Parting piece of guidance and Connect with our guest [spp-timestamp time=”34:38″]

  • Your problems are there to grow you
  • The kumbaya principle

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Contact our guest [spp-timestamp time=”35:25″]


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Be Abundant in everything you do….

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Dare to make your dreams a reality! Do things you love. Connect & support others. Find & fulfill your #lifepurpose.

— John C McCaskill (@JohnCMcCaskill) June 15, 2016

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