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030: When You Realize You’re A Square Peg Being Shoved Through a Round Hole… with Dave Chesson

Have you ever felt like you was a square peg being shoved into a round hole? What do you do? Do you cut off the edges and conform? Or do you shift directions? Our feature guest today was that square peg. Well actually, he’s a nuclear engineer who wanted to be an entrepreneur. And man, did he find a great solution. Dave Chesson shares how you could find the path of your dreams.

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Dave Chesson FamilyDave Chesson started his adult life as a US Navy Commissioned Officer. He had this crazy dream to one day become a nuclear engineer and despite how challenging it was for him, he finally made it and passed all the god-forsaken exams and interviews.

But in the end, Dave wasn’t happy with his new work life. He was away from home all the time, missed out of family events and just became disconnected. Life was passing him by and he was missing out on live with his young family.

While still in the Navy, Dave spent his nights working on his side hustle: online marketing. He started by creating niche websites, and earning advertisement and affiliate commissions. After spending years practicing and learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as more of an obsession than a hobby, he quickly expanded his website arsenal to 27 different sites, all of which are used for different online purposes and endeavors.

But it wasn’t until he discovered self-publishing on Amazon that he kicked it into the next gear. Combining his SEO knowledge and website development experience with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Dave found his mark.

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What is Dave Chesson Grateful for? [spp-timestamp time=”5:15″]

  • I’m grateful for the opportunities…

Let’s get Personal [spp-timestamp time=”8:31″]

  • Military Brat
  • I’ve been all over the place
  • I forced myself down a path I did not enjoy

What was Dave’s Biggest Kick in the Gut moment? [spp-timestamp time=”14:00″]

  • Google Banned me from using their AdSense…

Dave’s Pivot Point [spp-timestamp time=”18:06″]

What is a KindlePreneur [spp-timestamp time=”23:37″]

Good News Story… [spp-timestamp time=”26:13″]

Paying it Forward [spp-timestamp time=”30:04″]

Action Steps [spp-timestamp time=”30:15″]

  • Talk to your spouse
  • Define what success is for you both or yourself
  • Take Action

Daily Habits [spp-timestamp time=”30:37″]

  • Creating a schedule and maintaining discipline.

Recommended books [spp-timestamp time=”31:17″]

What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Dave Chesson? [spp-timestamp time=”32:10″]

  • You’re reached your definition of success.

Parting piece of guidance [spp-timestamp time=”32:50″]

  • Know what you’re striving for
  • Create a plan
  • Stick to your plan

Connect with our guest [spp-timestamp time=”33:14″]

Dave Chesson Top-Website-Logo-for-both


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Be Abundant in everything you do….

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