047: Creating a Lifestyle Business with Upcycled Glass: Gary Genetti

Gary Genetti has been designing and making glass art for over 38 years. Genetti received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture and graphics from the University of Wisconsin in 1976. In 1978 he began his apprenticeship in a production glass studio and in 1980 established his own studio in rural Warwick, NY.

gary-genetti-glassIn 2013 he branched out into the world of recycled or upcycled glass with his Junkyard Glass project. Initiated by a trip to the local auto junkyard to assist his two daughters on a school project an idea was born to recycle broken car windows into beautiful products. ” We made a video, launched a campaign on Kickstarter and raised over $10,000 to develop a small socially and environmentally responsible business. We are now selling on Amazon and continuing to develop new and exciting products that keep this waste material out of the landfill!”

In addition to all these developments from the studio, Genetti has also been active in the Hudson Valley, NY creative community by initiating the formation of a nonprofit MakerSpace that repurposes some agricultural buildings on an old prison site that was closed by New York State and turned over to the Town of Warwick. When developed this will be a destination for the entire region for creative activity and entrepreneurship.

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[spp-timestamp time=”8:00″] Gary’s Attitude of Gratitude

[spp-timestamp time=”8:59″] Why Gary is just Grateful for Life

[spp-timestamp time=”11:00″] Let’s get Personal

[spp-timestamp time=”12:53″] Using the GI Bill for an apprenticeship program for glass blowing

[spp-timestamp time=”20:48″] What was Gary’s Biggest Kick in the Gut moment?

[spp-timestamp time=”21:50″] Living a Lifestyle Business

[spp-timestamp time=”27:20″] What Millennials really want in life

[spp-timestamp time=”35:38″] How to start a hobby or business in the glass blowing industry

[spp-timestamp time=”39:13″] Paying it Forward 

[spp-timestamp time=”39:23″] Action Steps

  • Open every morning to the Abundance within

[spp-timestamp time=”41:24″] Daily Habits that make the biggest impact in Gary’s life

  • I sit every morning. That’s my temple, my church.

[spp-timestamp time=”42:43″] Recommended books

[spp-timestamp time=”44:50″] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Gary Genetti?

  • Living Now, in the now. When ever posible

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