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051: Combat Business Coaching Has the Strategies to Launch Your Business Into High Gear: Andreas Jones

Veterans have amazing leadership skills when they exit the military. Our feature guest today, Andreas Jones, coupled his military training, Jamaica upbringing and entrepreneur mindset and built a coaching business that you need to take a close look at. Andreas has been tested in combat and business. He has the experience to launch your business into high gear.

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Andreas is the Founder of Combat Business Coaching, #1 Bestselling author of Business Leader Combat, Business Strategist, Leadership Consultant, Army Combat Veteran, Columnist and Featured Contributor at Forbes, The Huffington Post,, and

Jones-ForbesAndreas works with business owners and business leaders to help them build high performing businesses so that they can have more profits, fans and freedom and grow their business without stress, overwhelm and burnout in any economy.

Service in the US Army forged Andreas’s character. It tested him, tested his endurance, faith, and internal fortitude. He describes it as “a trial by fire” and remains profoundly grateful for it.

When he finally left the Army he did so with an astute understanding of self-ownership, implementing a vision, and the value in establishing trust and reputation. Jones applied all that he had learned serving his country to a series of jobs, including that of a VP at Sun Trust Bank. Each of his positions have endowed him with the type of knowledge required to start his own business and to provide a workable schematic for others to follow.

Andreas has taken his hard-won Army lessons into the world of business, continuing to learn new skills and insights to provide solutions to issues businesses are facing today. Each fresh challenge, project or position has helped him grow into the individual he is today.

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[spp-timestamp time=”4:33″] Andreas’ Attitude of Gratitude

  • Andreas is grateful for his wife for putting up with him and his many flaws.

[spp-timestamp time=”5:33″] Let’s get Personal

  • Andreas Jones was born and raised in Jamaica
  • Jamaica poverty rate is about 85%.
  • Andreas is one of six boys
  • When Andreas came to America he went directly into the Army as Military Police and Supply Chain Specialist

[spp-timestamp time=”11:44″] What was Andreas’ Biggest Kick in the Gut moment?

  • “Nine into my business I realized I only had one client”
  • Andreas starts questioning his decision to be an entrepreneur
  • Andreas and his wife spent Thanksgiving in the hospital when they lost a baby

[spp-timestamp time=”13:21″] Andreas’ pivot point

  • That same day we lost the baby Andreas gets a call
  • If it’s your dream, why would you wait one more day to pursue it?
  • I paid for the mentors services on a credit card
  • That decision turned everything around for me

[spp-timestamp time=”19:40″] What did having a coach do for Andreas and his business?

  • The coach gave Andreas a blank canvas for his life
  • Andreas made a decision to create a masterpiece of his life
  • The coach taught him how to get out of the “I’m not good enough” mindset

[spp-timestamp time=”25:52″] What is Combat Business Coaching?

  • A system created by Andreas
  • Business assessment
  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Business Model
  • Leverage of time
  • Systems that incorporate these 5 things…
  • Strategic Partnerships – The most important aspect Andreas can teach

[spp-timestamp time=”29:45″] Example of a Strategic Partnership?

[spp-timestamp time=”31:31″] Paying it Forward 

[spp-timestamp time=”33:35″] Action Steps

  • Write down your goals
  • Figure out one thing you can do to reach your goals each day
  • Reach out to someone who can connect you to someone else

[spp-timestamp time=”45:45″] Daily Habits that make the biggest impact in Andreas’ life

  • Journaling

[spp-timestamp time=”47:32″] Recommended books

  • The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

[spp-timestamp time=”35:54″] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to Andreas Jones?

[spp-tweet tweet=”I have harmony in my life, in my marriage and in my work”]

[spp-timestamp time=”37:01″] Parting piece of guidance

  • If it is your dream, why would you wait one more day to pursue it?
  • Fight for your dream
  • Leave a legacy your family can be proud of

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