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069: Paying it Forward Through The American Red Cross with Kay W. Wilkins

We talk about paying it forward here at Men of Abundance. And we’ve certainly done that in so many ways. Today we pay it forward with a world wide organization and a world class lady who makes it all happen on a global scale. In this episode, you’re going to hear from the Director of External Relations for SE and Caribbean Division of the American Red Cross. Kay Wilkins shares one of her many Kick in the Gut Moments and how her experience has made her a much better servant to everyone she connects with. Just listening to this conversation will certainly make you a better person than you were yesterday.

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Kay W. Wilkins, the Director of External Relations for the Southeast and Caribbean Division of the American Red Cross, has over 35 years of experience with the organization, serving in roles ranging from Director of Human Resources for Southeast Louisiana Chapter to Director of Emergency Services to becoming Chief Executive Officer in 1999 for Louisiana Red Cross. In 2005, Kay and her chapter faced their greatest challenge—Hurricane Katrina.

American+Red+Cross20During the response and recovery phases, she worked tirelessly to meet the needs of her community. But, at a time when others took only lessons about organizational response from Katrina, Kay declared that her chapter would become a leader in community preparedness and resilience building. Programs like “The Pillowcase Project” to help kids prepare for evacuation and “Senior Preparedness Packs” to help seniors be ready that originated under Kay’s direction have now become nationwide models. Adopted by Disney, the “Pillowcase Project” is now being taught in every state and territory in our country.

Today, Kay and her team continue working tirelessly to help Louisiana and other states recover from natural disaster– taking lessons learned from their experiences in hurricanes like Katrina to develop plans for upcoming hurricane seasons.

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[spp-timestamp time=”5:30″] Dave Sanderson made this connection

[spp-timestamp time=”8:14″] ‘s Attitude of Gratitude

  • The time I had to spend with my now three grown children and my granddaughter

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[spp-timestamp time=”12:18″] Wally’s personal experience with the American Red Cross

[spp-timestamp time=”14:58″] Let’s get Personal

  • Three Children
  • Was the CEO of the American Red Cross during Hurricane Katrina
  • Now Director of External Relations for the Southeast and Caribbean Division of the American Red Cross

[spp-timestamp time=”20:30″] Kick in the Gut Moment

  • Hurricane Katrina changed the life of so many people
  • My mother passed away from lung cancer just before Katrina
  • Displaced staff because of Hurricane Katrina

[spp-timestamp time=”25:27″] Shout out to two Emergency Managers – Tom Bookman and Joe Chesnut

[spp-timestamp time=”27:56″] Good News Story

Paying it Forward 

[spp-timestamp time=”41:19″] Action Steps you can take today.

  • Be present with the people you work with, conversations with your spouse and those you love
  • Listen
  • Pay it forward by being kind

[spp-timestamp time=”44:21″] What daily habits make the biggest impact in your life?

  • Exercise with a group of men and women
  • Meditation

[spp-timestamp time=”46:44″] What are you reading or listening to right now and why?

  • The Oz Principle

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[spp-timestamp time=”49:00″] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to you?

  • Having the ability to truly know what makes the people we love tick
  • Capturing every day and enjoy life for what it is today

[spp-timestamp time=”50:30″] Parting piece of guidance

  • Volunteering will change your life
  • Reach out to your local Red Cross

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