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077: Four Action Steps to Mastering Sales and A Life of Abundance with Kenny Cannon

Why learn more about a subject you have already mastered? That does sound like a total waste of time and rather counter productive. Right? Well, that’s Kenny Cannon’s take on the subject of reading business and sales books. I can not argue with that logic at all. In fact, I’ve often said, I prefer you read one business book and master those skills in that one book rather than reading 100 books in a year. I would like to hear your thoughts. Get in on the conversation at

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Kenny Cannon and child at lakeKenny Cannon is the Founder of, a company that helps medium size businesses generate qualified prospects and close more deals. He is a thought leader in the areas of marketing, sales, business expansion, copywriting, and information marketing.

Kenny started his sales career at the age of 15 by answering an ad in a local paper for a telemarketing position. By the age of 24, Kenny became one of the most well-known phone salespeople in the industry. Today Kenny is one of the most sought after sales and marketing consultants in the world.

Through his seminars, training, and live streams, Kenny has helped over 100,000 salespeople, entrepreneurs and high school and college students since 2007. Kenny loves to fish, shoot, and is a diehard Islanders fan.

Area’s Of Expertise

  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Calling/Telemarketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Marketing
  • Information Product Creation
  • New Start-Ups
  • Small Business Expansion
  • New Customer Acquisition

Time Stamped Show Notes

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[spp-timestamp time=”4:22″] So, where are you at in the World?

  • Long Island, New York

[spp-timestamp time=”5:54″] Kenny’s Attitude of Gratitude

  • My ability to act regardless of how I feel.
  • Most people feel something, the do something and then they become something.
  • Kenny turns that on it’s head.

[spp-timestamp time=”6:07″] Let’s get Personal

  • I’m a salesman
  • I’m not an entrepreneur
  • It’s not about passion or what I’m willing to do.

[spp-timestamp time=”8:45″] What would say to the person that says “I’m not a sales person and I hate sales.”

  • It’s simply not true

[spp-timestamp time=”10:45″] You got your start by answering an ad in a publication.

[spp-timestamp time=”12:00″] What would Kenny Cannon say to a teenager just getting started.

[spp-timestamp time=”14:30″] How to deal with people while they are pissed off. Here’s what Kenny did.

[spp-timestamp time=”15:55″] Kick in the Gut Moment

  • When I was in high school selling phones. I know what I want to do, why am I doing this?
  • I was sitting in Mike Filsaime’s office.

[spp-timestamp time=”18:00″] The traditional education conversation.

[spp-timestamp time=”20:00″] Kenny tried to build a sales program for schools.

[spp-timestamp time=”22:40″] What was that pivot point in your life?

  • It was convincing my teacher, at ten years old, that I did not have to go to class and just show up for the test.

[spp-timestamp time=”27:15″] Let’s talk about Kenny’s program. Is it for kids and adults?

[spp-timestamp time=”27:54″] Building a website is a complete waste of time. My company has been in business ten years and we still don’t have a website and never will.

Paying it Forward 

[spp-timestamp time=”33:21″] Action Steps you can take today.

  • Prospect
  • Pitch and pitch hard.
  • Close
  • Provide

[spp-timestamp time=”34:45″] How would that look?

[spp-timestamp time=”37:42″] What daily habits make the biggest impact in your life?

  • Cold call. That’s my only habit.

[spp-timestamp time=”34:00″] What are you reading or listening to right now and why?

  • I don’t read all that much. I read books about fishing.
  • And here’s a story about what that is.

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[spp-timestamp time=”39:30″] What do you think holds most people back?

  • People now days want to push blame off onto other people.

[spp-timestamp time=”41:00″] What does Living A Life of Abundance mean to you?

  • Being able to what I want, when I want and who I want to do it with.
  • It’s not about the money.

[spp-timestamp time=”43:45″] Parting piece of guidance

  • If you’re a business person and you can bring people from cold to warm 90% of your problems are solved.
  • If you’re not a business person, stop being a victim. The world is not ending. Get up and to to work.

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Wally’s Take Away:

  • Mastering the skills, techniques and mindset of one or maybe two books is a much better payoff than reading 50-100 books in a year on the same subject. I agree with getting various perspectives and such. But mastering a few skills is much better than learning 10 skills you have never applied.
  • Shit happens to all of us. Don’t stay in victim mode. You cannot win as a victim. As Kenny said “By being a victim, you’re the loser in the equation.”

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