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094: Becoming A Confident Man And Giving Yourself Permission to Live a Life of Abundance with Scott Destephanis

I always say, you need to be certain not just confident. But which comes first? I believe you need confident in yourself and be certain in your skills? Well, Scott DeStephanis talk about gaining confidence in yourself to have strong relationships and a life of abundance grounded with values and integrity.

Scott DeStephanis is a confidence coach that helps successful men achieve the relationships and money they want. With over 10 years experience, teaching internationally, his goal is that men are fully living their purpose and have relationships that are connected and aligned.

Scott is interested in men getting connected to and expressing their deepest truth and by doing so, create a purpose for themselves that provides a way for them to be fulfilled and fully expressed in their lives.


What to Remember When Arguing with a Strong Woman: Scott DeStephanis on how to have a proper discussion with …

— The Good Men Project (@GoodMenProject) May 28, 2016

Healthy Male Relationships with Scott DeStephanis

— Dr. Feelgood (@FeelForward) October 16, 2015

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Wally’s Take Away:

When your relationship with your wife is strong and you’re both on the same page, everything else in your life just has to fall into place.

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