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100: Experience Life as Much as You Can to Live Your Life of Abundance with Isaac Day

Experience Life as Much as You Can to Live Your Life of Abundance with Isaac Day


Experience Life as Much as You Can to Live Your Life of Abundance!

Men, you hear me say it all the time. And Isaac said it today. Experience as much as you can. What you do to contribute to humanity is your choice. Each and every day, you can have new experiences simply by meeting new people. And when I say new people I mean people who do not look like, think like you or even believe in the same things you believe in.

You cannot grow as a man by hanging out with the same men all the time. As great as those men in your circle are, they can only help you grow to the level of their knowledge. You must always continue adding and even replacing the men in your circle to be exposed to different experiences.

Our feature guest today is Isaac Day.

I will leave this to you. I am a little bit of what the world needs me to be, and a lilttle bit of what they want me to be. Simply put you respect me I respect you.


Watch Isaac’s outrageous video antics. One of these day’s he’s going to get decked. LMAO!

Can I borrow your towel?

Lick that ice-cream!

Sip of that AMP!

There are so many ways to have new experiences in your life.

Change your routine. Step just a bit out of your comfort zone.

You can start with your daily activities. Instead of stopping by the same coffee shop every day, take a different route and try a new place. And while you’re there, engage people. Simply look them in the eyes, give a comment and ask an open ended question.

“Good Morning. How’s your day so far?”

Break Bread. Step just a bit further out of your comfort zone.

Breaking bread is the basics of getting to know another man and their family. Many cultures have drifted away from the practice of dining together. Some smaller communities will have back yard BBQs and hang out together. We do that often here in my community.

You might even hang out and watch a game or a fight with the guys.

But it’s much more personal when you sit down at your dinner table and share a meal both families prepared together. Talk while you eat with some nice music and the TV off.

I’m sure you’ve done this with a family know and know well. But what about having dinner with a family in your house with a family who does not look like you or even comes from a different country than you?

Give it a try. I will say, we have not done that in a while. It’s well over do.

By the way, this is also great for your kids to experience for so many different reasons.

Travel. Step even further out of your comfort zone.

You can experience travel by simply taking a road trip with your family this weekend. Drive to the next town over. Or even the next state over. Check out a few famers markets or antique shops. Talk to people about their produce and products. Ask them if they own the shop or are they the manager.

By the way, never use the word “just”. Such as …or are you JUST the manager? Not cool. You’re kind of degrading the person. They are most likely proud to be the manager. Not just the manager.

Plan an international trip. Get your passport, if you don’t have one already, and plan a trip to another country. Myself and Isaac have traveled the World. I know Issac has been to many places I have not visited yet. But I’ve been to 23 countries on five continents. And we are far from done.

International travel is by far the best education you can give yourself and your family. Well, that is if you open up to the culture and learn from the experience. When you do travel, I want you be safe but I also want you to get off the beaten path. Don’t just hang out where the tourists are.

Now, go out and Live Your Life of Abundance. Experience as much as you can. And make sure to Pay it Forward.

Thanks for another amazing conversation Isaac.



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