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MOA 207: Come To The Table with Hard Conversations with Sean McCoy

Come To The Table with Hard Conversations!

To often we, as men, avoid. We avoid uncomfortable situations. We avoid difficult conversations, even with our spouse, kids, siblings and others. If we continue to avoid difficult situations and conversations, how can we expect to grow as men and as a community? That’s the hard conversation we are bringing to the table today.

Meet our Feature Guest

Sean McCoy is a proud Christian, husband to Lisa, father to Emma (19), Ethan (14) and Kennedy (6), brother, cousin and friend to many. He was born & Raised in Houston, TX where he currently resides. Served in the United States Navy from 1992-1998 as an Electronics Technician while onboard the USS Rushmore (LSD-47).

He graduated w/ honors from University of Houston-Downtown in 2004 earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He spent 16 years in the oil & gas industry specializing in Sales, Business Development, Marketing and being a Manufacturing Engineer. Most of that time was spent working for Schlumberger, worlds largest oilfield services company.

Sean has traveled to 29 different countries and 36 of the 50 states. He spent 12 years serving on numerous Executive Boards in the Non-Profit Industry ranging from pediatric cancer to faith-based organizations. He’s organized and managed numerous non-profit fundraising events, campaigns and general donor related activities helping to raise millions of dollars but it pales in comparison to the impact it’s had on peoples lives…the least of which is his own.

In early 2016 he started his own company, Charity Corps, which is a sales and marketing company that partners with businesses to utilize philanthropy as a value add to drive new and repeat sales (customers), a distinguishing value to their product and/or service and an emotional driver to their customers to refer their friends and family while improving the company image and brand. They manage the process and become the bridge between the business, the consumer and the non-profit industry.

He’s spent the last two years designing and managing the development of the Mobile Application from scratch which formally launched in January of 2018. In December 2017 he started, as a passion project, The Come to the Table Podcast, with the mantra of “Love in Action is Listening to Understand, Not to React” and a desire to have an open, honest, loving conversation around topics ranging from race, sexuality and gender to struggling with faith, suffering, politics or even simple ones like music and ancestry.

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Resources Mentioned in the show


  • Bible
  • The Covenant – Bernard Lamborelle
  • The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander

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