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MOA 213: Change Your Place, Change Your Luck with Jeff Schechter, aka “Shecky”

Change Your Place, Change Your Luck!

If you don’t like your current situation, change it. You’re not a tree. If you have to relocate, take the necessary actions to do so. Yes, that is easier said than done. You have to make the decision or start learning how to enjoy your current situation. Life is much too short to be in a situation that sucks.

Meet our Feature Guest

Jeff Schechter, aka “Shecky” has had the entrepreneurial bug his entire life. He started his first business right out of college, and over the years has been involved in numerous businesses ventures. His love for real estate investing began in the 1980’s, when he rehabbed 5 of his own residences before the term “house-hacking” even existed. Since those early days of torn up kitchens and bathrooms, he’s bought and sold many properties and is an active investor to this day. In addition to investing, he operates a private consulting practice. He thrives on helping people realize their full potential…not just in business and investing, but in all aspects of life.

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