MOA 220: When Father is a Bad Word with Dan Kuiper


When Father is a Bad Word

Many of us go through various levels of emotional and physical pain in our life. As sad as it is to say, many times that pain is caused by those who are closest to us, even our own parents. And that’s confusing because our parents are supposed to protect us from harm. 

And in their minds, our parents are protecting us from future disappointment and failure in life. Most men barry this pain deep in their mind and deny it’s existence. This, I hope you know is the worst thing you could do. 

Today, Dan Kuiper is going to share his story and how it may help you and your boys. 

Meet our feature guest

Dan Kuiper is an author, speaker, addictions counselor, and Director of Finding Father’s Love, a not-for-profit ministry that offers hope and healing to those who have been wounded by painful circumstances in their lives. 

Dan has a strong passion toward those who carry father wounds. His book, When Father is a Bad Word, has been critically acclaimed and continues to carry a 5-star rating on Amazon. Dan facilitates Finding Father’s Love seminars and retreats across the country, helping participants to find freedom from the painful effects of a difficult past.

Dan is a father of three and grandfather of four and resides with his wife in South Bend, IN.

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