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MOA 234: Why This Abundance Journey Began and What’s Next – Wally Carmichael

Why This Journey of Abundance Began and What’s Next!

In this first episode of 2019, I will be getting a bit more into my story. I will give you an idea of my life struggles, wins and what I see that’s yet to come for Men of Abundance. You will briefly experience my childhood, my experience with Special Forces and other military experiences. You’re going to get a recap of why Men of Abundance was born and what it has done for me and others around the world. I will then rap it up with where I see Men of Abundance going. I invite you along for the ride of your life.

 Veteran Business of the Week

I will speak on my personal connection with Steve Kaplan in the next episode. For now, just know, Steve is one of the best men and neighbors I’ve ever known. More on that in the next episode. Check out Trident Adventures if you’re in Hawaii or plan on visiting Oahu any time soon.

Trident Adventures

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Stephen Kaplan – Owner/PADI Instructor

Steve is a recently retired Navy SEAL and all around ocean lover. He spent the last four years as the lead diving instructor for the SEAL Team based here in Hawaii. As a veteran of many deployments in waters all over the world, Steve’s unique perspective, value for life, and wonder for the aquatic world is unavoidably contagious. Of all the extreme sports, from skydiving to shooting, mountaineering to racing, etc.., there is nothing that matches the excitement balanced with serenity that diving has to offer. There’s something to be said about the peace of mind knowing Steve has trained the best of the best and now he has your back. He brings the safest and most thrilling underwater experiences Trident Adventures has to offer to you. Steve has a way of making you feel like the underwater world is your personal playground and all life’s worries wash away.

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James Beck – Owner/PADI Instructor

Jim is a recently retired Navy SEAL with over 30 years of experience working in every type of underwater environment this planet has to offer. He has been dive qualified since 1990 and has successfully completed over 5000 dives. He holds military and civilian instructor/supervisor certifications in Open Circuit, Closed Circuit and Semi-Closed Circuit diving, Submersibles, and so much more. He served as director for a Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Schoolhouse, focusing on Advanced Military Diving, and now spearheads all the PADI certifications with Trident Adventures. Diving with Jim and learning from him is nothing short of legendary. His greatest passion is teaching brand new divers, especially those that are initially afraid of diving. There’s a calmness and sense of security that Jim brings to the table that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.



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