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MOA 236: Wall Street Stress to Abundance and Work Life Balance with Alexander Lowry

Wall Street Stress to Abundance and Work Life Balance!

You reached the pinnacle of your dream career only to realize, it’s just not what you thought. What do you do? If you’re like many men, you stick it out in a miserable unhealthy life until you retire or die. Well, you’re not like most. That’s why you’re here. And neither is our feature guest. Drop in on our conversation.

Meet our Featured Guest

Alexander Lowry is a professor of finance at Gordon College and lead’s the school’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program. In addition, he’s a Board of Directors Member for fintech and financial services companies. Which means he’s transforming, accelerating, and advising businesses that students he’s educating want to work for.

Alexander brings an unusual “bilingual” perspective to the academic world, having spent 15 years in senior executive positions in international business and finance. He’s a frequent speaker at gatherings of business leaders, corporate events, and academic conferences. His views are often cited in the media, including in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, radio, and the major television networks.

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 Veteran Business Owner of the Week


Adam CummingsAdam T. Cummings – Freelance Copywriter | Veteran Advocate | Podcast Host | Inbound Marketing Strategist

Adam and I met through a Veterans FB Group. Since he invited me on as feature guest on Vetting America, Adam and I have developed a close bond as fellow Veterans and our passion in business.

Adam is my choice as Veteran Business Owner of the week for a few reasons. He is a perpetual learning. I always enjoy working with men who are skilled yet know they will never have it all figured out. In life, as in the military and business, our terrain is always changing. We must constantly adapt and overcome.

That’s exactly how I see Adam managing his life and his skills as a Content and Copy Writer. He can adapt to various industries and business models. His passion and purpose will ensure you get the best product for your investment.

When you hire Adam for your content and copy writing needs, I would like to hear your feedback.

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