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MOA PIFF – Hustle and Grinding Does Not Lead to True Abundance

All I see all over the internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and anywhere else entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches hang out is Hustle and Grind. That is not how I got to this life of abundance I’ve created for myself and my family.

In fact, I don’t even like the words, Grind or Hustle.

Look, I’m not here to judge anyone who wants to take that route. If you want to work your ass off from 4am to 10pm, day in day out, go for it.

All I can tell you is, I did that for many years. Even when I was active duty Army, I would come home from work, put on a suite and go out hustling some product or service that I was sure was going to make me a millionaire and create freedom for my family and I.

I would even hustle and grind when I was deployed to countries like Albania, Germany, and Iraq. Although, I do have to say, the hustle I had in Iraq was very lucrative and served many Soldiers and Civilian contractors.

I was very busy as the Company First Sergeant in Iraq. So I was never “off duty”. But I made time to learn how to sell, install and service satellite systems so Soldiers and Civilians could get connected to the Internet and their families back home.

I made great money providing an amazing service. But, other than my Soldiers, my family was not there with me. And it kept me busy during a very stressful time on my journey.

However, even when I was back home, with my family, I spent just about every waking moment learning to make more money so I could live life on my terms. I wanted to live where I wanted to live and do what I wanted to do, without a Boss telling me what to do and how much I could make for my time.

I bet that’s something close to what you want in your life as well. Am I right?

Well, like you, I thought I was taking the right action and winning just by putting in the time. But here’s the reality of 15+ years of the hustle and grind.

  • I went $30K in credit card debt.
  • It took 4 years to recover from that debt.
  • And then I did it again. Yes, another $30K+. But I learned the second time.
  • The money invested was an education that I could, and did, recover from.
  • The Time lost with my two oldest boys and the first 15 years of my marriage can never be recovered.
  • I never, or seldom, took my boys camping, to ball games, or just to the park. I was hustling too much and always thought, “some day I will be able to…” Those days never came.

What are you doing it all for? 

My wife always asked me…

“Wally, what the hell are you chasing?”

To which I would reply…

“I’m doing this for the family.” And I truly felt I was. Just as you do, right?

There’s a much better way to create money and time freedom for your family, while you enjoy the time you have with them now.

This is what I learned.

Now I know, this is where I may lose you. Just stick with me on this. And by the way, if you listen back to the 240+ conversations I’ve had on Men of Abundance, you will hear a constant theme and many similarities of those who of us who are truly living a life of Abundance and Prosperity.

  • Put family time, fitness time, spiritual time and leisure time on your calendar first. Everything else goes around that time because this is the most important time of each and every day.
  • Take Massive Focused Action. And Be in the Moment.
  • Learn and fully support your spouse and kid’s goals.
  • Include your family in your goals. Make it a family affair.
  • Give to others unconditionally. Time, Treasures and Talents.
  • Be grateful for everything you already have in your life.

Slowing down is Speeding Up!

You would think by redirecting focus from the hustle and grind of earning more money in your business, or side hustle, to family, faith, and fitness, would greatly slow your progress to the life of Abundance and Prosperity you feel you deserve. However, this is far from the truth.

They fact is, when you finally realize your WHY, what ever that is to you, you will see you can have that now.

You can enjoy the journey on your way to more…

What this will do is make you focus your “working” hours on taking massive action. And the right action. You won’t have time to mess around on social media, TV or other non-productive activity. You will get more done in less time. You will reach milestones and goals much faster than you would think. Ask me how I know this is true.

I met my goal to retire before 50. I reached that goal Dec 2018. I turn 50 on 5 May 2019. BOOYA!

Now I truly do what I want, when I want. And have no boss telling me what to do. Not even my wife. We do most everything together.

I can go on an on about this subject.

For now, I want you to go kiss and hug your family, spend quality time with them and start living your life of Abundance. And as always, Pay it Forward.

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