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Leveling The Playing Field – Scarcity or Abundance?

To me, Level the playing field means for me to gain more skills and get stronger in the field I want to compete in.

The best way to master a skill is to teach others. And sometimes the student outperforms the teacher/coach/mentor. I always encourage that competition.

Level the playing field does not have to take away from those at the top of their game.

Adding a ramp for a person in a wheelchair, or even improving the wheelchair, takes nothing from walkers.

Making quality facilities (schools, tracks, pools, gyms etc.) to all, takes nothing away from those who already enjoy those experiences.

Level the playing field does not mean lower standards. It means bring others up to the standards. That’s physical and technical skills.

I’m seeing some employers leveling the playing field by starting their own intern programs.

One automotive company I know of has a paid internship that certifies those in the program. Each certification increases income because it makes the employee more valuable to the market place.

Why do young ladies want to join organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and historically male dominated military schools?

It’s because they recognize the experience, skills and leadership gained from those organizations are, in part, what get men better connections and opportunities.

It’s the same reason minorities risked life and limb to get into white schools.

I have an issue with all white, schools and clubs just as much as all black schools/clubs, It’s completely counter intuitive to us as Americans.

Our diversity is what makes us strong. We must learn and grow together in schools, clubs and our communities.

Individually we bring so much to the table. Collectively we have much to offer the World.

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