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Challenging the Status Quo to Make a Difference with Erik Stark

Success then Abundance and Gratitude or Gratitude and Abundance then Success? Have you even considered such a deep question? Well I have. Rather you've asked this question or not, I'm living proof that Success and fulfillment does not happen without gratitude and an Abundance mindset. 

We get much deeper into this question and a few others in this amazing conversation. 

Meet our Feature Guest

Erik Stark is a Believer in Christ, loyal husband of 15+ years, SuperDad, Property Buyer, Thought Leader and has spent the last 10 years of his life building a successful real estate acquisition company in Michigan.

More so importantly, Erik took a sabbatical 5 years ago and relocated his family to South Florida. Since doing so Erik has discovered his passion to serve the homeless in his local area. Erik also started a non profit to help people affected by hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys restabilize after being devastated by the storm in Sept 2018.

Erik also co founded the Holiday Mastermind with Alex Pardo which hosts annual entrepreneur masterminds with all proceeds going to benefit people in the keys, families in Guatemala and those who need help restabilizing after unfortunate circumstances.

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