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Uber Connection to WealthFit and Abundance with Dustin Mathews

Do you talk to strangers? I certainly do. And it drive my wife a bit crazy. Even after 27 years. The way I see it, you never know who you're sitting next to out in public, or during a ride share experience on Uber or Lyft. That's how this conversation got started. 

Meet our Feature Guest 

Dustin is the Chief Education Officer at WealthFit - a company disrupting the financial education space and leading ordinary people to lives of wealth. Along with many best selling books, Dustin is the host of the popular "Get WealthFit!" Show.

He has interviewed and shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, movie producers and titans of business such as Danica Patrick, Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Harrington, Robert Kiyosaki, Jesse Itzler, Shannon Miller, Dave Meltzer and many others.

Dustin’s ventures have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today and INC Magazine. He also received recognition by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for codifying a process for creating and selling products and service, Irresistible Offer Architecture®. 

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