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What if Self-Control is NOT the reason so many are Unhealthy? – Dr. Gus Vickery

We’ve all been told that self-control is a key to success. OK, maybe I’m the only that was told that. Mostly because I was mostly out of control as a young man. But what if self-control is not the key to success and a healthy lifestyle. If anything, it’s worth considering, right? Well listen in, Dr. Gus Vickery is a wealthy of knowledge and experience.

Meet our Feature Guest

Dr. Gus Vickery is a committed family physician with extensive experience working in the medical field. He specializes in helping people with a wide array of chronic health conditions to take the actions necessary to reverse these conditions and feel their best.

By providing comprehensive health assessments based on extensive biometric data and intensive personal engagement, Gus helps his patients create a detailed lifestyle and medicinal health optimization plan built around their unique needs.

Gus is passionate about healing people, not just treating their symptoms, and he’s radically changing the way we view health. His mission today is educating people to transform old habits into new patterns for living by mastering stress, increasing movement, practicing meditation, improving willpower, maximizing sleep, and enjoying nutrition.

In his book Authentic Health, Gus dives into each of these themes, inspiring us all to dig a little deeper and reclaim the good health that’s within each of us.

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