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Taking Medical Education to Hidden Corners of the World with Mark Mascia

How are you paying forward your time, treasures and talents? Are you Paying it Forward? You’ve heard me say it time and again, giving is by fare the highest level of happiness. Progress is as well. But giving is progress. Just wait until you hear how Mark is paying it forward. You’re going to love this.

Meet our Feature Guest 

Mark Mascia is the founder and CEO of Mascia Development. His company assists ‘men of abundance’ to make wise investments in high-end commercial real estate, the type of stuff that normally only the country’s wealthiest families are able to get involved in. Boasting two Master’s degrees and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Mark has over 15 years of experience in domestic, foreign, residential and commercial real estate, and is currently an adjunct professor at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate.

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