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Building the Vital Relationship Between Father and Son with Brian and Jeff Becker

If you have a relationship that is on the brink of destruction, that needs to be restored, todays conversation is going to get you part of the way there. Jeff, Brian and I have a deep conversation about their relationship and my relationship with my dad.

Meet our Feature Guest

Jeff is the co-founder and director of Powerhouse Hoops, a nationally known basketball academy in Phoenix, which strives to develop character in young men through basketball. Jeff is also a clinician with some of the leading sports camps across the country and internationally, including being the National Lead Skills Coach for the prestigious CP3 National Middle School Combine and the CP3 Rising Stars National Camps. In his free time, Jeff stresses the importance of giving back to the local community through servant leadership. He frequently volunteers at local youth facilities and group homes around the greater Phoenix area.

Brian Becker has had a varied career as an educator, business owner and a nonprofit executive for nearly 20 years. Today Brian consults with companies and nonprofits to improve their overall culture, quality and performance. He also provides leadership coaching to executives and aspiring leaders. Brian is a frequent workshop leader and conference speaker, having delivered more than a thousand presentations in the last 25 years throughout the United States, as well as Canada, England, Singapore, South America and Puerto Rico.

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