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Caring for Aging Parents, Adult Children and Ourselves with Elizabeth B Adams

If you don’t know how hard it is to care for an ill and dying family member, you will at some point in your life. After going through this with both my parents, grand parents nephew and too many close friends to list, it’s always hard and exhausting. I only wish I had been blessed with the knowledge I gained from todays conversation.

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Elizabeth B Adams is the founder of The World Peace Project, LLC, creator of the LIVING program, and an inspiring Amazon Best Selling Author who helps people (re)-discover rewarding relationships with their families. As a practical theologian and professional caregiver she directs people toward a more peaceful life while living in the chaos of caring for our aging parents and forming adult relationships with grown children.

As the author of Living with Momma: A Good Person’s Guide to Caring for Aging Parents, Adult Children and Ourselves she has often been referred to as the “irreverent revered” by openly offering reasons our society may not look well on multi-generational families living together. She then pushes back with social science, sacred narratives, and intentional actions to redefine what a good family can look like in 21st century America.

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