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You Will Never Reach the Pedestal You Put Others On with Lance Essihos

We all have people we admire and strive to emulate, right? And that’s fine. But when we put those same people on a tall pedestal, we put that level of success and wisdom out of our own reach. Lance and I talk about that as well as other life lessons that’s lead Lance to living his Live of Abundance.

Meet our Feature Guest

Lance has lived a pretty eventful life, but one thing it’s never been was easy. Throughout his journey, he has had to overcome some incredible challenges and adversities, which led him to rise from rock bottom on more than one occasion.

From almost playing professional hockey to traveling the world running some of the top bars in Australia, he has never lived a dull moment. Although he has a ton of life experience through travel and living in different countries, he also has had to face some very difficult times.

He battled with drugs and alcohol all through his twenties and had to overcome the loss of his younger brother to suicide as well as his father to cancer–both within a span of eighteen months.

After hitting rock bottom for the second time in his life, he made a promise to himself that he would create a new life that was going to have meaning, value, and fulfillment. He made it his mission to show that even though once can be faced with adversity at the worst possible moments in life, there is hope, and there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Since making the shift away from being a bar manager two years ago, he has gone on to hone his skill as an internet marketer, which allowed him to excel in the area of social media and realize his true purpose: building connections with human beings. With those skills, he has been able carve out a new path and dive into the podcast world.

He has since created the top 100 podcast, “University of Adversity,“ which has allowed him to interview incredibly unique and inspiring human beings with incredible stories of overcoming adversity. He dives into their story and extracts the gold-filled practical lessons listeners can apply in their lives. The show showcases and highlights bravery, courage, and the undeniable resilience one must have in order to overcome life’s obstacles.

Because of the fulfillment podcasting brought him, he decided to take his podcast reality one step further, and co-found IGNiTE: Podcasting with Purpose, which allows successful professionals and busy entrepreneurs the chance to bring their dream of podcasting to life without having to sacrifice the time it takes to create and learn all that is required as well as make sure all valuable content is created and distributed on all social media platforms.

He continues to follow his passion of connecting with people and striving to be an inspirational influence while living a life of purpose and impact.Connect with our Guest

Connect with our guest

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