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Why Loneliness Kills Abundance with Peter Montoya

We all know, by know, we need each other. We all live better together. Some people around us are starving. They are starving from human interaction and meaningful conversation. If you feel lonely, please reach out to Men of Abundance or others in your community. As a Man of Abundance and member of your community, it is your responsibility to reach out to others.

Meet our Feature Guest

For over two decades Peter was the financial industry’s go-to guru on marketing & branding, now he’s
the CEO of ThriveUnion – an organization whose mission is to fulfill a need in modern society, helping
people go from meaningless isolation to purposeful belonging.

Though Peter struggled through school with undiagnosed ADHD, he was admitted to and graduated
from the University of California Irvine in Political Science. Post-college he became a traveling speaker
and salesman, chalking up over 3000 presentations and living in over 22 major cities. Peter went
on to found a successful advertising agency and software platform, dedicated to financial service
professionals. He quickly became the industry guru, writing numerous books, including one of his best
selling works “The Brand Called You”.

Peter is a truly fascinating and multi-faceted guy, with decades of experience in speaking to
audiences about his business knowledge, inspirational journey, and human behavioral insight. He now
pursues his passion for empowerment and community building, shedding light on society’s growing
loneliness epidemic through his visionary organization ThriveUnion.

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