Discovery Your Authentic Life Theme to Master Sales, Relationships, etc… with John Voris

You may be struggling needlessly in your career, relationship, college or any other part of your life. Did you know it may not be your fault? Seriously, you may be in the right career or relationship, but something about where you are is not right with your Authentic Identity. When you know your authentic identity, you will start to see a level of success you’ve been dreaming of. This conversation tells you why that is.

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After 20 years of unsuccessful cold-call selling, John decided to throw out everything and take a fresh approach. Drawing on his degree in Philosophy, he invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that revealed a person’s life motivation and authentic design far beyond sales.

Now, as CEO of Authentic Systems, John educates using practical and teachable methods and techniques based on European Psychology that guides others in their life choices regarding success or failure in their career, relationships, and personal well-being. Often compared to Jordan Peterson by his colleagues, John is an international best-selling author and passionate about leading people to attain their life goals by helping them find their true motivation.

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Your Business & Marketing is Wrong!

This training will show:

  • Why your marketing and advertising is costing you money
  • How to properly implant the Conversion Equation
  • How to attract your ideal client while detracting discount buyers and tire kickers
  • How to Dominate your market within the next 90 days without spending any more on marketing or advertising

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  • Get your clients fast results, so they stay and pay for years, not just months
  • Show your prospects the money, so they want to hire you (without you having to sell)
  • Save Lives and Marriages… Yes, it is that serious

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