Giving and Receiving Advice That Hurts is Often the Most Effective with John Valentine

I don’t always give advice when I see the need. But when I do… It can come off a bit harsh. It’s just my nature. I want to do good and don’t always have the time for the pleasantries. That’s just one reason why our feature guest and I get along just fine.

Meet our Feature Guest

John Valentine was born at Great Lakes Naval Hospital in Chicago, grew up as a Navy Brat till he was 19. Then he joined the US Army, “couldn’t do the ship experience, sorry Dad”.

He served 20 years in the US Army, making the Rank of Sergeant First Class, E-7. John deployed 6 times served in Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He’s a huge Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears Fan, and a huge Iron Man fan and loves all the marvel movies. John is a big movie fan and feels it’s a great way to spend some time with the family and laugh.

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