Going from Depressed and Full of Anxiety to Superpower Accelerator with Mike Koenigs

Your past does not predict your future. Nothing should hold you back from accelerating and paying forward your superpower. If you feel something is holding you back, reach out to others for clarity. You will quickly discover you are not alone. You can accelerate your superpower.

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Mike is known for being a media master who knows how to help his international clients get attention, create premium brands and elevated status in days.

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Judge on Entrepreneur.com’s “Elevator Pitch” TV show, 13-Time Bestselling Author, co-host of the “Capability Amplifier” podcast with Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan and “The Big Leap” with business sage and NYT bestselling author, “Gay Hendricks”.

He’s had four business exits, two to publicly-traded companies. His first, Digital Cafe, one of the first digital marketing agencies in the world, sold to IPG, The Interpublic Group. His two SaaS companies, Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, were sold to a publicly-traded company. His most recent was You Everywhere Now to a private buyer.

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