Being A Part of Your Community and Paying it Forward with Travis Johnson

Some just live in their community. Others are a part of their community in several ways. What about you?

Meet our Feature Guest

Travis Johnson is the host of the Nonprofit Architect Podcast

Travis shares his perspective as the former Vice President of Books by Vets; a board
member at the S.H.I.N.E. foundation; he’s donated over $30,000; volunteered over 1,500 hours;
raised more than $500,000; helped start 6 nonprofits; event coordinator; and published author.

Travis is currently serving as an active-duty officer in the United States Navy, married
with two children, and on move #50. His humble beginnings include 36 moves before graduating
high school at 17, 6 states, 5 foster homes, and surviving 2 murder attempts. Although this was
very rough, there was always a person, group, or church willing to help him and his family. Now
that he’s in a position to give back, he’s made it his mission to “Help the Helpers”.

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