Why are you Sick, Fat and Tired? with Dr. Pat Boulogne

Did you realize you actually can reverse the aging process and buy back some of your health and extend your healthy life in this life? Well, you can. And Dr. Pat will show you how.

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I help you live Longer and Better by improving your Habits, Health and Happiness. I will help you when you cannot find help anyplace else.

I’ve been delivering science-based solutions over 3 decades helping tens of thousands of people to stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and health problems that accelerate the aging process. I help people who are aging prematurely even though they are eating quality foods, exercising and thinking good thoughts and/or trying to avoid inherent diseases, yet still feel they are spinning their wheels with little or no results. When you stop adapting your lifestyle to pain and health problems that prematurely age you, you can reclaim their most precious asset, your health. You are not your DNA.

My services are unique and create successful outcomes. I focus on finding and treating the cause of the problem that is unique to you, instead of chasing symptoms or ignoring important signs that may become fatal diseases or definitely one you do not want. I call this “Grim Reaper Syndrome” !

You want a system that is simple and successful with positive results in as short of time as possible, and for some in as little as a few weeks- successful results count !

The main outcome of my system is the aging process that is inevitable, can now be graceful and healthy. One by one health issues become irrelevant and you can have the great life you dreamed, deserve and that you worked so hard for yourself and for your loved ones who need you.

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