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Having an Abundant vs Scarcity Mindset Will Set You Free

Having an Abundant vs Scarcity Mindset Will Set You Free!

Dan parked his Jaguar and walked into the building to volunteer his services and decide if he was going to give a substantial donation to the organization. This organization had many jobs that needed to be filled but there were few people with the required skills who wanted to work in this part of town. So, they had an idea to train unemployed citizens who already lived in the area. In order to do so, they needed funding, and a lot of it. 

Dan has more than enough money to give in the form of scholarships. But he wanted to ensure his money was going to the intended and worthy cause. Dan decided to work in the company and see how the training would work for the potential students and employees. 

When Dan came back out, at the end of the day, his car was stripped and vandalized. Spray painted on the side was "Fuck You Rich Bastard". He could not believe his jaguar vandalizedmisfortune. But rather than dwell on the loss, he simply called his insurance company to file the report. 

The people who vandalized Dan's car are an extreme example of a scarcity mentality. They believe Dan is taking something from them by having what he has worked so hard to gain. What they don't know, is Dan grew up in that same part of town. You might say, Dan should have known better. But, Dan has changed his mindset, and completely forgot people still think that way. 

Dan remembers thinking this way himself, many years ago. It was not until Dan decided to pick up a book about the mindset of the wealthy, when he realized how differently wealthy people think about money, giving, receiving, buying and living. Dan read book after book and eventually hired a mentor that was in the vocation he wanted to get into. 

Dan's mentor taught him that tithing time, talents and treasures are the cornerstone to living a life of Abundance. 

Do you think people like Dan have all the wealth and money there is to be had? As long as you believe this lie, it's always going to be a struggle for you to increase your cash flow. You're never going to have peace in your life. 

So, you should just quit trying to improve your financial situation, right? You're just sabotaging your efforts and working hard for no reason, right?. 

I have a better idea. Why don't you just change your mind set?

Yes... You can change how you think. If you have any powers at all, you have the power to change how you think. 

Jim-Rohn-You-Are-The-AverageThe best way I've learned to destroy this curse your past has given you is through immersion and staying connected with like minded men. That's part of the reason I created the Men of Abundance Community. The more time you spend in this community the more you will grow. We all have room to grow. 

In order to change your mindset, you must first admit and identify your current mindset. For what ever reason, you have a Scarcity vs Abundant mentality. Where that toxic mentality came from will remain a mystery, for now. You unknowingly accepted the curse at some point in your past. We will get into that in another blog. 

That scarcity mindset is not who you are, it's simply a part of how you think. It IS what's holding you back. 

Ask yourself these three questions....

When someone at work gets a raise or a promotion, do you congratulate that person with a full heart or do you feel like something has been taken from you?

Do you wish bad things would happen to people who accomplish something big or do wish them well?

When you see a man with a great family, car, house, and life do you get jealous or do you ask yourself, "who do I have to become to live like that"?  

These are questions you have to be honest with yourself about. Seriously. 

And then decide to make the shift from a scarcity mentality to a strong Abundant mindset. 

There truly is more than enough for everyone to enjoy. And the gap between the haves and the have nots resides in the space between your ears. Yes, skills matter. But great skills coupled with a scarcity mindset will keep you right where you are. 

Living a life of true abundance certainly means something different for everyone. Have you ever thought about what your abundant lifestyle would look like? Are you living your life with an abundant mindset?

Hang out with us, we will at least show you great examples to strive for. We will rub off on you. We will be a catalyst to help you change your mind-set. 


I have not met , yet. However, in this short video, he shares the Abundant mindset that completely resonates with what I'm sharing with you. I will contact him to get him on the Men of Abundance Podcast. 

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