Below are just a few of the tools I personally use in my life and business. These tools free up time for myself and my clients, enabling all of us to gain more profits and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Many of the links are affiliate links. When you use my affiliate link, I will give you a complimentary walkthrough on how I maximize the use of that tool. And, I will include and templates/snapshots I've already built for my business as well as specific industries you may be working with.

Let me explain what these tools will do for your business and your profits...

Note: I decided to include Marketing, Advertising and CRM services as part of my Business Coaching and Consulting business because I was tired of meeting business owners who paid amateurs and getting zero ROI. Now that everything is managed by myself and my team, I know the business owner is going to get results. And by results, I mean paying customers or clients.

Business Tools I Use To Grow Businesses


This revolutionary Profit Acceleration Software™ is designed to position YOU as a business breakthrough specialist so you can find ‘financial breakthroughs’ for any prospect or client, in any industry, in any country. Then the software closes that prospect so they become your high-end coaching client. But we felt that wasn’t enough, so we designed our software to give you the exact steps to take with your clients, and help them implement a solution that actually gets their business exponential, and immediate, financial returns.

Attract Clients who stay with you for Years because you will get them lasting results, month after month.

Our revolutionary business coaching software has the RIGHT information – in the RIGHT order so as their coach, you NEVER AGAIN have to play guessing games trying to figure out the steps needed to increase their leads, their sales, and their revenue and profits.

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With the support of our community, you will know the best strategies the most successful digital marketers are using to make a ton of money online so you don’t have to waste another dollar on.


With our all-in-one marketing and sales platform, you will be able to keep your tools in one place (while saving a fortune) and streamline your entire delivery process so you can focus on keeping your clients happy.


HighLevel will help you grow your business or agency by connecting you with the most successful agency owners on the planet who will be able to help you close more deals or allow you to offer more services.

This 6 minute Demo will Blow Your Mind

I create Squeeze pages and Sales Campaigns for my top Platinum Clients. If they already have a ClickFunnels account, I simply share the code with them. I keep Clickfunnels because the templates are amazing and the marketing and business training is worth the price alone. My clients benefit from every resource I have access to. This is a powerful resource. 

The marketing training and templates save me time and make me even more professional.

Create High-Converting Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Membership Portals. Buy Now! Build Unlimited Pages with Leads & Traffic. 24x7 Customer Support. Money Back Guarantee. 14 Day Free Trial. Most Trusted Option. AutoMated Sales Funnel. Beautiful Landing Pages.

14 Day Free Trial

I create Squeeze pages and Sales Campaigns for select clients. This is a great tool because they can get their own account for free and have up to 3 funnels. There is no need for most business owners to pay $297 for a service they will use once. That is why t his tool is at the top of the list.

The Most Powerful Funnel Building & Sales Platform. Get Lifetime Access For Free Today! Get Lifetime Access For Free Now! 100% Free Forever. Build Unlimited Pages. Friendly Customer Support. Membership Areas. Gorgeous Templates. Landing Pages.

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A Digital Marketing Simulator let's you quickly model & simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea BEFORE you create landing pages or buy traffic - which saves you time & money.

GERU, the world’s FIRST Digital Marketing Simulator, takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes.... so you can grow your business as fast as possible.

Let me show you how I use GERU to close more deals in just a couple of minutes.

Get GERU and Show Them The Money!

If you happen to be a Business, Leadership, Health, Lifestyle coach or any other type of coach/consultant who is growing, you know the challenges of keeping track of your clients, let alone holding them accountable to their goals. This tool not only keeps you and your clients on track, it creates metrics showing what's getting done and done on time. This tool is also part of the reason I'm able to offer a 200% ROI Money Back Guarantee plus $5000 if my strategies don't deliver agree upon results.

CoachAccountable is an online client management solution to make the delivery of coaching programs more approachable and more effective. ... Coaches and clients can comment on actions, metrics, notes, worksheets, appointments and more to maintain engagement and follow-through between sessions.

This is a Must for your Coaching Businesses

Greatly increase email open rates and own your tone with video. This is one of my post powerful tools. I literally use Dubb multiple times a day to make new personal connections, share strategies with clients and gain new clients. I share these strategies with many of my clients. 

The Dubb Chrome Extension is a powerful yet easy-to-use video solution that allows you to create and share videos recorded from your screen or webcam. Share your videos directly from dozens of channels including Gmail, LinkedIn, and your favorite CRMs.

Start Dubbing today

Loom is a video recording tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos. With Loom, you can record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously. Your video is then instantly available to share through Loom's patented technology. You can choose to record with.

Free and Paid Version

I use StreamYard to to get much better engagement on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Live Stream video on multiple platforms at one time and get much more Love from the algorithm.

StreamYard saves me hours of editing and posting. The free version works great. But the paid version allows you to add your logos and banners. 

Here's Just one way I use StreamYard for business. 

Oh, and you just might learn Your Market Dominating Position in this example.

Start Streaming Right Now

I use Canva almost daily for my podcast art, YouTube Art, and countless Social Media images and memes.

Thousands Of Templates You Can Customize With Easy-To-Use Tools And Thousands Of Photos. Create Your Canva Account Today And Design For Free! 100% Happiness Guarantee. Free 30 Day Trial. Priority Support. 200K+ Companies On Board. Simple To Use Interface.

The Free Version is all you may need

Stand out from your competition by Presenting Dynamic Video and keeping the human connection when you're working remotely.

Get the Prezi experience first hand. Watch this.


Podcast & Content Creation Tools and Hacks

Professional Podcasters Only Use the Best!

Unlimited Podcasts, Unlimited Potential

  • Advanced Analytics - What gets tracked improves
  • Unlimited Podcasts
  • Import Your Show to All Platforms Automatically and Free
  • Stunning podcast player
  • Calls to Action, Built In
  • Automatic Podcast Website
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Thoughtful Podcast Marketing
  • The Most Up to Date Podcast and Content Creation Training

Professional Podcasters Use Captivate

Create Once. Publish Everywhere.

Repurpose is an easy-to-use automation platform that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and content creators maximize their exposure without spending hours publishing to multiple platforms.

Whether you PodcastLivestream, or Create Videos, we've got you covered.

Trusted by over 16,232 solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, podcasters, authors, speakers, influencers, social media managers, and digital marketers

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Get In Front of Your Ideal Audience!

interview valet

Interview Valet - Talk Directly to your ideal customer. Be a Podcast Guest

Executives, entrepreneurs, & thought leaders everywhere are learning how to reach tens of thousands of targeted interested individuals who are passionate about your area of expertise. Connecting with them through Interview Valet’s concierge-level podcast guest booking service is easy and effective with startlingly immediate results. We have perfected the formula for maximizing the impact of your expertise on your industry through podcasting. Connect with Tom and Interview Valet today.

Health and Fitness Hacks

ShakeologyDense nutrition shake.  Shakeology makes nutrition simple. And with 70+ ingredients and superfoods, it is the Healthiest Meal of the Day.

"My family and I have been drinking Shakeology daily for the last 6 years. Even my seven year old has been drinking it since he was two." ~ Wally

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Beachbody® On Demand

Your journey begins on Beachbody On Demand—the only streaming platform where you’ll find the world’s most popular fitness programs, easy-to-follow nutrition plans, access to a free Coach, and accountability groups to help support you and make your goals reality.

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