What does a Great Hero look like to you?

What does a Great Hero look like to you?

Heroes take many forms. When most think of a Hero you may be thinking of one of your favorite characters in a movie of in your favorite book. That may be Iron Man, Thor, or Spiderman. One of your heroes could be the lead character in favorite novel series.

Medal Of Honor Recipient - Desmond Doss

Medal Of Honor Recipient – Desmond Doss

Or maybe your idea of a hear is a Medal of Honor recipient like Desmond Doss who’s story was recently told in an amazing movie called Hacksaw Ridge and directed by Mel Gibson. PFC Doss was certainly a Hero in my mind. But being a Retired Army Medic myself I am kind of influenced by that.

I see any public figure as a hero in their own right. They are putting themselves, their life and even their families well being at the mercy of the environment for the greater good of the community, the Nation and even the World. Well, that’s the way I see it anyway.

And, to me, the greatest heroes in our life right now and today is you. You, the parent, grandparent and any caretaker of your children and family.

Every single day you get up and fight the good fight. You struggle to get out of bed to get the day started for your family. You prepare their meals. You wash their face. You iron their clothes. You may even drag yourself out of the house to go to work, rather you love your work or not.

You do what you have to do to ensure your kids and your family have the basic needs of survival. You usually put others before your own needs. That, by definition is a HERO.

Look yourself in the mirror today and say “I’m an amazing hero”. Because you are. You know your kids and your family looks at you like their hero.

Go thank your hero. Whoever that is. Call them or even go meet them face to face and thank him or her for being the hero in your life.

You’re my Hero. Thank you!

Now, go out and life your life of Abundance. And make sure to Pay it Forward.


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